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See Pet Policy

Pet Policy

1. There is only 1 cat or dog allowed.
2. Pet owners will abide by all county and city laws governing pets.
3. Pet will not be tied in any way to buildings, fences or staked on the grounds.
4. Pets will not be allowed to use restroom on the immediate property. They must be taken to the south lot beyond the parking area for construction equipment.
5. Pet will not be allowed to create excessive noise or annoy other occupants of the building or neighboring properties.
6. Pet must be properly licensed and innoculated for rabies and other required shots. Proof of same will be required when deposit is paid, and annually.
7. There will be no pet-sitting or visiting pets at any time.
8. All pets must be leashed.
9. Abandoned animals, on or off the premises, at management's discretion, may be collected by the Norman Animal Shelter.

Resident expressly understands and agrees that the privilege of keeping a pet may be revoked at any time at the management's sole discretion. Resident shall comply with such demand within 1 day of receipt of the notice of management. If resident does not remove the pet, management has the right to remove the resident from the rented premises.

Resident hereby agrees and assumes full responsibility for personal injury or property damage caused by the pet, and hereby agrees not to hold the OU Motel responsible for any claim or liability of any kind resulting from the privilege of having a pet on the premises.

A pet deposit of $_____ cash is required. For monthly rentals, the deposit is $200. For overnight rentals, the deposit is $50. The pet deposit is refundable if there are no damages, treatment of fleas, carpet cleaning or repair, furniture repairs and pet tag is required. Resident agrees to pay all additional costs necessary to repair any damages caused by pet.

Pet Deposit will be refunded within 14 days after tenant moves out of said premises.
Overnight guests deposit will be refunded after room is vacated and checked for damages.

The above conditions and rules for pet shall be firmly enforced and are set forth as the adopted rules for this property. Such rules are subject to change at the management's discretion.